”Birgitte Grimstad is a story teller, a subtle wit and a dramatic actress”

Rochester, Minnesota. 1971
“...if you are misled to believe she is improvising it is because everything seems to be experienced at this very moment. That is her art. One gave in to this sweet treason and devoured her with eyes and ears for two full hours and sensed a breath of the Godgiven”.
Copenhagen, Denmark. 1967.

“Very few in our part of the world can sing for an entire evening at this level”

Copenhagen, Denmark. 1969
“Birgitte Grimstad, a folksinger with a classical touch, charmed her Purcell Room audience last night.  She proved a versatile performer with a whole range of different voices, drama and impressive declamation.”
Daily Telegraph, London. 1971
“She projects such an air of modest seriousness that the audience seems waiting to accept whatever she chooses to do.  Her earnest ingenuousness never deserts her, and as she warms up, in performance, a cheerful, spontaneous grin begins to appear more and more, until after several beautifully realized number, her listeners begin to feel that they have always known her – and know her as a close friend.”
Musical Journal, New York. 1971
“It is difficult to explain the art of Birgitte Grimstad – perhaps because her art is so simple.  She entertains, yet she is not an entertainer.  She can sing a lied beautifully, yet she is not lied singer.  The beat of pop music seems to appeal to her, yet pop is just what she is fighting against. She has definitely gone her own way, so charmingly and quietly, elevating her tiny tunes to artistic achievement”.
Oslo, Norway. 1969

The BALLADE quartet: " Musical Fireworks of International Top-class".

Oslo, Norway, 1978

© Bente Elisabeth Finseraas